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December 21, 2013

I have been SO excited for this break. The last few weeks have been hectic and each day has seemed so long. (Someone else might have written the last half of that sentence with periods to indicate serious pauses between those words, but I just can’t torture sentences that way: it would be SO wrong). On Friday morning when I got up early to let the dog out, I actually considered turning my alarm clock off, thinking I had already lived that day, instead of just imagining it for weeks and weeks.

Since the break was so sought-after, we have to make it count. We got a chance to hot the good old Holly Trolley at the New York Museum of Transportation today.
trollyriders It’s so funny to ride a trolley through the woods–it is such a quintessentially city mode of transportation out there in the middle of nowhere Rush. Still, having seats that can be set in either direction is pretty magical!
The other main attraction is, of course, the model train room. In this huge set, one of the numerous trains running around has a camera and the kids were fairly obsessed with seeing themselves on the TV displaying the cameras’ scene. We’ll conquer the I Spy game next time.

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