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Screen Time

December 20, 2013

I shall witness my children’s performances mostly through the screens of other parents’ devices.
modern parenting
I’m pretty sure. Once upon a time, people used viewfinders, but not anymore. Now their giant devices are not held discreetly in front of their faces, ruining only their own view. They are hoisted high into the air and pointed in the general vicinity of their child, certain they will be able to go into their files later and zoom in on their cherub, cropping out all the irrelevant children. This is Amos’ preschool “Winter Celebration.” The screens were much more prevalent during the younger classes (the school starts at 18 months). Maybe the rest of us grow out of it. I sure hope so. I was fairly agitated at these screen-wielding parents (I-pad guy: you were killing me) and that may have been compounded by rushing from work, finding NO parking, insufficient seating, along with all the other regular complications of life.
I guess he is worth it.

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