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December 18, 2013

I love it when my kids surprise me. I mean, I MADE those guys–I know everything about them, don’t I? I feed them. I wash them. Everything they have is because I gave it to them, including most of their illnesses. Yet, sometimes they spring something on me.

A few weeks ago, we attended a Christmas party. This wasn’t just ANY Christmas party, this was a Puppy Christmas party. We didn’t actually bring Pete because I knew I would have a couple other troublemakers to walk through the pot-luck line, but there were plenty of other puppies on hand. One of the games that night was one of those getting to know you sheets where you need to “find someone who…” but all about puppies. For example, “find someone who has raised both a black and a yellow lab” or “someone who has raised 5 service dogs.” The purpose of such an activity is, of course, to force you to mix and mingle and talk to all sorts of people you have never met before and ask them personal puppy questions. Personally, I had no interest in doing so. I am THAT lazy. But my six-year-old took it upon himself to make the rounds and find someone to sign in each and every square. He was so proud of himself. The hosts were kind enough to award him a prize and no one has ever been so happy to win puppy poop bags and a soft blanket for his dog. He talked about it for days. PJ is so happy to be the “not-shy” member of the family. Live it up!

We also had our winter dance recital this week. Amos told me he liked recitals because he “only [has] to do the dance one time.” Such enthusiasm. PJ told me on the way there, he had big plans for his solo: it’s going to be funny! Amos was more tight-lipped. I wouldn’t have been very surprised if he had decided to opt out of the solos. Some kids do. Amos surprised me:

And then, of course, I tortured PJ before I took this picture. Clearly, otherwise how could he have such an expression?
Oh yes, Lily surprises me, too. She surprises me with her growing maturity and patience. Her appetite, too. And every time she does something I recognize as my own influence, like get up an hour early so she can get ready for school at an unrushed pace, I smile.

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  1. December 20, 2013 2:26 pm

    That video is awesome! Amos is just about the most adorable thing I have ever seen in that picture. (They’re all extra-good-looking, but you probably know that–I love PJ’s tortured look–but Amos is striking me especially cute there.)

    My dog-loving daughter would LOVE a puppy Christmas party. I can’t let her know this is a thing.

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