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A Much Needed Respite

December 11, 2013

One of my favorite Christmas songs:


And he shall purify

December 8, 2013

There are lots of ways to enjoy Handel’s Messiah. You can find a sing-along, locate a score, drive 30 minutes to sit in a balcony of a 200-year-old church, and do your darndest to pick your way through the alto line. But that is simply the most obvious. You could also spend the time to inventory your Pokemon cards. Or play Ironman on the Kindle, and only after you have drained the battery, kneel in the 200-year-old dust to use the pew as a desk for drawing. Or inventory the red and green sweaters in the Church; red wins, obviously.


November 30, 2013

I don’t know quite why my life has fallen apart so much that I can’t blog semi-regularly. The kids are good. My schedule is manageable. I don’t really have anything new going on. Can I blame the dog? He does need a lot of walks. Never turns one down. Still, it’s probably not his fault.

We had a more-populous than normal Thanksgiving at my parent’s house, which was fun. I can’t take credit: they came to say goodbye to Meg, who left on her mission soon after. Well, maybe they really came to see Stephen Fry on Broadway, but let’s pretend it was for Meg. Regardless, it was a pleasure.
The day after Thanksgiving, we hit the Jello Museum in LeRoy and the Gingerbread Exhibit at the Eastman House. My dad took issue with some outlandish assertions the guy at the Jello Museum made about LeRoy being the center of the universe, but whatever. I didn’t think there were any particularly spectacular gingerbread houses this year, but maybe I have just seen too many good ones.

Amos turns 5

November 4, 2013

We love this kid. We don’t quite understand this kid, but we love him.

On Sundays, Men Wash Dishes

November 3, 2013

At least, Sorensen men do. My dad is training my gentlemen.


October 31, 2013


Dress Rehearsal

October 27, 2013

The only upside, as far as I can tell, to the elevated status currently attributed to a silly tradition like Halloween, is an opportunity to wear your costume more than once. They’re not just for trick-or-treating anymore! Now you can wear them to the town’s celebration, the library party, zoo, the mall, school, and even Church. We have skipped all those opportunities until the church party tonight. We had a dry run on the costumes and they seem adequate.

First off: Amos as “Army Guy”
Scary, huh?

Next up: PJ as Han Solo
For the last two years, PJ had been Luke Skywalker. I am so relieved he has moved on to a superior character!

Lastly: Lily as a Mad Scientist
Basically all the scientists I know are mad, but as far as I know, none of them carry rats in their pockets.