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November 30, 2013

I don’t know quite why my life has fallen apart so much that I can’t blog semi-regularly. The kids are good. My schedule is manageable. I don’t really have anything new going on. Can I blame the dog? He does need a lot of walks. Never turns one down. Still, it’s probably not his fault.

We had a more-populous than normal Thanksgiving at my parent’s house, which was fun. I can’t take credit: they came to say goodbye to Meg, who left on her mission soon after. Well, maybe they really came to see Stephen Fry on Broadway, but let’s pretend it was for Meg. Regardless, it was a pleasure.
The day after Thanksgiving, we hit the Jello Museum in LeRoy and the Gingerbread Exhibit at the Eastman House. My dad took issue with some outlandish assertions the guy at the Jello Museum made about LeRoy being the center of the universe, but whatever. I didn’t think there were any particularly spectacular gingerbread houses this year, but maybe I have just seen too many good ones.

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