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Say Cheese!

October 1, 2013

It’s picture time again, and I admit I am stressed about it. I worry about missing the day, or not registering correctly online in a timely manner. Or having a hair/wardrobe/smile disaster. 3 kids means 3 different picture days. I also teach at 2 schools, so that’s two picture days for me (less stress, but I do have wallet-sized photos of myself to trade!).

I am no pro at ordering pictures, but I know I definitely never order retouching. Retouching was first offered me when I was in high school, and, let’s face it, my acne could have used the help hiding. But it was so sad: they retouched my freckles right out of the photo, too. I love my freckles! Those tenth grade portraits made me look so pasty. I’ll never trust them with my kids’ skin. But look at these demos. First: awful. Second: unreal. Third: I want more appropriate models for grade school. Rather than pimples, maybe they should show some examples of stitches retouched, or gap-toothiness covered in. Or cowlicks controlled.
spotty boyspotty

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  1. October 2, 2013 11:52 am

    Why would anyone retouch freckles? I love freckles! I never order the retouching either. I want them in all their glory.

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