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September 8, 2013

walking pete

Back to school is like a New Year to me: it’s a time to note progress and lack thereof, a time to start fresh habits or not, and often I find myself nesting (I’m not pregnant, I promise). It is sometimes a depressing time with little or no money and, almost always, a lack of progress on long-term goals, like the perennial clean out the basement and lose weight projects that should have been done…years and years ago. We are still not in the swing of things as not everyone is on their normal school schedule. Hopefully this week we can get there, although the last cog is the hardest! If only Amos can get himself on the bus happily and we can figure out some nut-free lunches for him! Food allergies are the worst–especially other people’s. Amos can’t have peanut butter to accommodate some other kids’ issue, but he can’t fake it with Almond butter because HE is allergic to that; I would NEVER ask other people to curb their food for us, so I have not asked for a nut free room, but Amos is REALLY attached to peanut butter and is going to have a hard time watching everyone else eat something that looks like it. Remember way back when Lily needed to have Kosher lunches? Yeah, those were WAY easier. This is quickly dissolving into a list of complaints–let me just make it formal:
1. Amos’ lunches
2. Amos’ truncated schedule—let’s just have school all day every day, please!
3. Teacher evaluations released last week—we have been encouraged to keep them confidential, though. Let’s just say they are meaningless and do not seem to have done their job in sifting the wheat from the chaff, but have succeeded in demoralizing teachers. Ah well, they need to be knocked down a peg, don’t they? And I did well! Which is definitely not based in reality–not that the reality is that I taught poorly! No, it’s just that, my students don’t speak ENGLISH.
4. I haven’t been paid since June.
5. Apparently, Fourth Graders are given “the MOST homework ever.” Bummer.
6. Two 90 degree days this week: fifth graders can get mighty stinky!
7. My book is JUST about to get sucked off my Kindle back to the library storage: I need to read quickly, or I’ll be stranded–listen carefully, when you hear a wail of despair, that’s me, wondering how my story ends….
Better balance this out:
1. The kids are great with Pete.
2. Pete is learning to do his business outside!
3. Mr. Marty is still our bus driver!
4. Crock-pot corn on the cob.
5. I WILL get paid on Friday!
6. Amos is excited about his school shoes (they need shoes that stay at school to wear every day) and they were $5.
7. Some fantastic friends showed up on Saturday to do yardwork. In my yard. They are awesome.

I better go to sleep so I can get this crappy week started.

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  1. Deborah permalink
    September 8, 2013 10:27 pm

    The good are better than the bad. Hope this week is better.

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