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Lily goes to Broadway

September 1, 2013

My first Broadway memory is of watching the props moved on and off the set of Annie by conveyor belt in the late 70s when I was a preschooler. I’ve seen more than my fair share of Broadway shows since then, in NYC and London’s West End and touring companies. Earlier this year, my sister alerted us to the magnificence of Matilda and some family members started hatching a plan to gather to see it. We are an easy target for a)musicals that are b)British adaptations of c)children’s d)literature, especially if it includes a hilarious cross-dressing villain. So Matilda had our name written all over it!

We drove down on Friday in time to have dinner with two sisters. Saturday morning, we visited Hans Christian Anderson and Alice in Central Park.
We bussed it over to the New York Public Library to see the ABC Exhibit. bus Unfortunately, the library was closed, we assume for the holiday weekend. libraryThis did, however, give us time to hit the Japanese stationary store before the show! I can’t say I wasn’t thrilled about that. I did get some fun llama stickers, but couldn’t talk Lily into a dancing hot dog folder. What?!

Then we were ready for the main event:
It was really fantastic! I must admit to low expectations going into into it: I just didn’t know how they would make a show out of a book in which almost every character is nasty. But they did. The music was fun, the characters compelling, and lots of fun staging helped support a plot that was just alright. It was Dahl as informed by The Wall. The kids in the show were pretty amazing–we saw a number of them out on the street afterwards and they were so small! Those are some hard-working kids. Anyway, I can’t do the show justice. All I can say is that Lily hasn’t stopped listening to the soundtrack since we got home and is trying to teach the boys to be just “a little bit naughty.”

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  1. Deborah permalink
    September 2, 2013 7:34 am

    I understand, now, why your mom was so insistent to see the English cast. Looks like a great show.

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