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I’d like to testify

August 28, 2013

that day-camp is true. Day-camp is awesome. Day-camp saves lives.

At some point in the spring, my mom mentioned how much fun my kids would have at day-camp. Yup, I thought to myself, like all the other things they would love and I can’t afford: karate, cruises, diving, orthodontics, Disney World, first-run movies, guitar lessons, and ice cream. Camp is a very big thing in our town: more than any other place I have lived. Sure sleep-away camp is where it’s at, but day-camp is at least a step. For several years, I have told Lily to pick out a camp to do NEXT summer, and been gratefully relieved when she is not too interested in registering for summer-programming the last weeks of school. But I knew they would really like camp and my mom graciously made it possible.

So Lily finally took the deep-end test she has been talking about and too shy to take for three years. Plus, she figured out that guacamole is delicious. That’s huge: she’s almost an adult now. PJ went from white belt to yellow in a week and discovered an odd love for dodge-ball. Amos played all day and came to the realization that preschoolers whining on hikes make the hikes much less enjoyable. Best of all, they had similar but separate experiences–and by the end of the summer, a little sibling-free time was…necessary.

And friends: Mama had 5 days to herself. Holy moly. Stay at home moms–you live the life!

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