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Into the west

July 18, 2013

I have already decided several times today NOT to blog and instead go to bed. I am exhausted. It is late. I had not one but two good-for-nothings throw crazy irrational tantrums about going to bed (one who could not acquiesce at the thought of sleeping in ANY of the three perfectly nice beds offered to him and one who insisted on sleeping ONLY in one particular bed, just NOT with it’s current occupant). I KNOW these are too tired tantrums. I KNOW the only cure is sleep. But still I kind of thought a jury might understand why I just needed the crying to stop.

Notice Lily does not feature in any of these problems. She is a remarkably helpful child. Remind me of that when it is her turn to test me in a few years.

Anyway, we had a big day. We FINALLY got to Utah. We stopped at Arches National Park on the way; although I did go to college here, I have never been to any of the national parks here. What can I say? I went to concerts, not camping. So Arches seemed a natural place to start, since it is on the license plate, and everything. You know what I have from Arches? About 70 pictures of red rocks+blue sky and tiny people, just like everyone else who visits. It is fun to hike around. The kids enjoyed climbing and building little rock towers. It must be much nicer to go in the spring or fall or winter when the rest of the world is not visiting, too.
I have to admit that I have a bias against these natural wonders parks. They are just not nearly so fascinating to me as the parks and museums about people. I EXPECT God and nature to make beautiful things. And big things. These arches, Victoria Falls, the barrier reef: OF COURSE they are beautiful! What really amazes me is when PEOPLE make something incredible: the Mesa Verde sites, or Petra, or the Terra Cotta warriors? THOSE blow me away.

So after our quick trip, we blew across the state (headed west) to my nieces’ baptism. My kids are ALWAYS excited to get together with cousins and we were happy to be there for Kate’s special day.

And of course, no Sorensen family event would be complete without and under-rehearsed musical number! Thank goodness for Kate’s friends joining in.

After a quick dinner at my sister’s place, we finally headed north. Ugh. I hope I will be happy tomorrow with making that last northern leg because tonight it seemed kind of like a disaster. Hopefully one of these days (OK, tomorrow) I will have time to read because I certainly haven’t read my family book club book yet! Good night!

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  1. Deborah permalink
    July 18, 2013 8:35 am

    You made it to the baptism. Wow.
    I like your pictures of blue skies, red rocks and tiny people. You plan and execute great vacations.

  2. Ganie permalink
    July 18, 2013 4:04 pm

    Yep, those look remarkably like the pictures of red rocks, blue sky, and tiny people that my family took oh, so many years ago! In the non-red rock photos, I like the fact that Kate is wearing dainty little white shoes, while everyone else is either barefoot or stocking-footed. (Only the Sorensens would have a family book club! I’m trying, with *no* success, to imagine a book that all of my siblings would be willing to even pretend they were going to read…)

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