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Still America

January 21, 2013

When my kids staged a revolt from my sister’s ward’s Primary, we went to Arlington National Cemetery instead.  Yup, if you act bad in Church, you sure don’t go someplace fun: you go to a graveyard.  Again, it was sunny and lovely weather.  P.J. decided to meditate on the greater wisdom in using words in a disagreement instead of weapons.  I found the grave of the woman whose materials I spent several years archiving in my university library.  I’d say it was a success.


Later that afternoon, my sister kindly entertained my children so I could get lost in bad Inaugural hundreds-of-vehicles-unaccustomed-to-driving-in-this-or-any-other-city traffic and Inaugural road closings! Plus, there was my normal conflict between given directions and GPS instructions, and, you know, just me. The purpose of the wanderings, though, made them worthwhile: I got to spend a few hours with my high school friend and her son who is recovering from surgery in the hospital. It was really wonderful, and I am so grateful to my sister for making it possible. Plus, she made and decorated sugar cookies with my kids: something I have never done with them. Don’t tell.

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  1. Amy permalink
    January 23, 2013 7:01 pm

    Anne is pretty awesome, and I’ve never been to the Arlington National Cemetary. Sounds like a good Sunday to me.

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