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September 3, 2012

I don’t think I’ve ever felt so unprepared for school to start. I must admit that I was surprised when I figured out there was just one week between the day I got home from Kenya and the day I had to be back to work. Then I was surprised again when I realized that it was the Saturday before school started and my kids had NOTHING new to wear and I was going to go to the mall. With them. I kind of thought I had all the supplies until I realized I don’t: I need to secure 2 art smocks and a picture, at least.

Part of my lack of preparation is just that I had procrastinated it until after our trip, and then time ran low, and part of it, I’m sure is a record number of kids in school. Schools, actually. Both boys will have two destinations each day, and therefore two preparations. Argh.

But we have done some things. Kindergarten orientation included the always popular bus ride.

Haircuts, of course. I’m still in mourning.

Breakfast with the family.

Labor Day Parading

If crying and whining is part of the national Obama campaign plan, we got that covered for them today. Seriously, such happy ambassadors all the way through Rochester. Ugh. Anyway, there was a quick recovery afterwards with the left over candy.

After a recovery-swim, we all came home hungry and tired. Still, after dinner, PJ and Lily made their lunches for tomorrow and everyone settled in pretty early. No complaints here.

OK, it’s VERY possible that this is how things have always been at your house, but I just made a little lunch cupboard for my kids, and it is really the ONLY thing that is making me feel a little put together before tomorrow. My kids need to carry lunches every day this year (Lily often bought last year, because it was easy, but PJ won’t have that option this year, and once we are making 1 lunch, we might as well make 2). I say “we” but I don’t actually intend to make the lunches myself. In an effort to make this a doable task, even for a kindergartner, I moved most of the lunch stuff into one spot. Except for some of the fruits and vegetables, meats and cheeses, most of the lunch stuff is on these shelves. The kids can go right down, picking one element from each spot; even the napkins, spoons, and sandwich bags are here. I think it will make it easy for the kids to tackle lunch, and I KNOW it will make it easy for me to know when I need to replenish the stock: already, I know I better get some more bread, for example.

Alright–probably nothing special to people for whom lunches are no sweat, but for a working mama, I’m ecstatic. And this was at least enviable to Amos–he can’t stand the idea that none of this is for him!

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  1. Ganie permalink
    September 3, 2012 11:46 pm

    Well, *I’m* impressed! I’d love it if the Lunch Brownies came to my house and made one of these for me.

  2. Amy permalink
    September 4, 2012 10:58 am

    Will you come over and organize my lunch making area?

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