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Moving On

August 18, 2012

We had quite the send-off with gatherings, prayers, and pictures. Again. Poor P.J. was fighting an infection I would not pinpoint for a full 24 hours, so at this time, he just seemed like a grump-asaurus: turns out he was legitimately ill. I think we may do some things differently next time, but overall, this portion of the trip was a success, and we all agreed to meet again in a few years.

On our way out of the country, we had one more job: a delivery. We happen to know a missionary serving in Kenya and were carrying a bag of goodies for him. Of course, he wasn’t exactly on our way, but he was in a town I knew. A city, now. Funny how that kept happening! We journeyed up to Eldoret and found a mighty nice little guest house for ourselves. After running some errands, I let the kids pick out some souvenirs and then we headed over to find the missionaries we needed. After they finished their work, we took them to dinner and tried not to break too many mission rules. I thought my kids would be excited to speak English with someone, but they seemed pretty ready to just get home at this point and kept on speaking wistfully of the airplane ride home. Of course, that is what I dreaded most! I was glad to put the picture of missionaries at work in Kenya in their heads, and we couldn’t have had better missionaries to visit!

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  1. Deborah Pulley permalink
    September 3, 2012 8:35 pm

    I need you to label the family members.

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