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Kisumu Kissyme

August 16, 2012

We headed to Kisumu a couple times for a day trip. Kisumu was only 80 kilometers away, but that took three hours to traverse. When we were lucky. Although Kisumu has grown considerably, I found myself frequenting my old haunts: the cyber cafe where my kids could eat lunch while I checked e-mail, the bakery where we could all get gingerboys, the good old Nakumatt.

Of course, I tried a few new things. Once, for example, we were offered a lift. So appealing: no paying, no waiting, no squishing. Of course, we were told the lift would be ready to go at 9. So we were ready at 8:30. And then we were told the driver would be ready by 10. So we went to the right house at that time. And waited. Some more. The driver was finally ready to go around 11, but he had a few stops to make along the way. And so I learned, once again, that a lift really isn’t free, and sometimes they just aren’t worth it.

We were also advised of a new form of transportation: a shuttle for which you can buy tickets and that run on a schedule. It was alright. It still made a lot of stops and really wasn’t timely. But whatever. The day of that lift, we got to town so late, and then the shuttle was also running late, that we didn’t get to Ugunja until nightfall, an ended up in a hotel for a night. Kind of crazy that those last 3 miles just could not be touched in the dark, but, they really can’t. So, aside from having no toothbrushes, we were set for the night.

A former colleague also suggested a restaurant called Tilapia Beach to us, which explains why I never before had reason to visit, but Lily chowed down.

Yes, she likes the tail.

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  1. Susan Baer permalink
    August 28, 2012 5:52 pm

    Emily, I never leave comments on blog entries, but I must tell you that I am finding your current blogs from Africa fascinating reading. I think of you and your children as intrepid travelers and admire you all. Aunt Susan Baer

  2. marta permalink
    August 29, 2012 1:30 pm

    i am also loving these posts. i will confess to a little facebook stalking when you were too busy to post, just to make sure you were all ok.

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