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The Almost Last Leg

August 5, 2012

Before I left, I posted a question on a network page for Kenya Peace Corps Volunteers asking what they used for transportation from city to city these days. When I lived there 10 years ago, we rode the bus. From our towns to cities, we used another kind of vehicle called matatus, but the buses had reserved seats, tickets, and schedules. I was surprised when many people on that page suggested that I fly. I mean yeah, flying is an option, but it is just so touristy. I’m a regular person, yo, I travel by road!

Turns out I maybe should have flown.

First off, the bus tickets were three times the cost I expected. Still not the cost of an airline ticket, for sure, but then I inquired about the time. It used to take, what, 7 hoursish to travel between Nairobi and Kisumu by bus. Now, I am told, it is “at least” 8 hours. What?! How is this possible? The old route was from Nairobi through Naivasha, Nakuru, Kericho, and into Kisumu. Here’s a picture to help you out.

Apparently the Kericho road “has a problem” that makes bus companies avoid it entirely, so the route we took from Nairobi ran through Narok. Yeah, look at that map: Narok is really NOT on the way to Kisumu. This was a loooooooooong ride.

But the kids developed a slug-bug like game with donkeys. Yes, we traveled 7,000 miles to look for donkeys. Other people may come to see lions or hippos, but we come to see donkeys. And sheep.

We did not reach Kisumu until after dark, so it was another quiet night in a hotel.

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