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What we did BEFORE our summer vacation

August 1, 2012

So much! It was a more scheduled than usual summer. On the one hand, we DID a lot. On the other, certain members of the family suffered from a lack of nap. Me. OK, that was me. But I wasn’t the absolute only one!

As always, we played soccer. Mostly, we watched Lily, but the boys occasionally did, too.

The grass has never looked so sad!

The kids loved Vacation Bible School

No telling how long this CD will last.

In such a hot dry year, it was a great relief to go swim every day. My kids learned a lot and the moms had even more fun.

Additionally, Lily took a hip hop dance class. She was very shy about it, but did great at the little show they did the last day. The boys did a playground camp which they really enjoyed. Picture a relaxed preschool: craft, snack, playground play, and then pick up. Oddly, the biggest learning that came from it was getting used to a carpool. Amos LOVED riding in other cars, but for whatever reason, was not enthusiastic about giving his friends rides. I really don’t know why! But he at least improved over time and hopefully it will be less problematic next time.

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