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July 7, 2012

On day three of museums, we met with a serious case of “not enough kid stuff.” Even though we were actually at a farm, the Shaker Village was, decidedly, adult. My boys really only approved of the goats and just kept on coming back for more.

Take it from Sorensens, connoisseurs of historical and religious tourism the world over, this Shaker farm was interesting! They did things their very own way and made my dad fall in love with their barn. Yes, their barn.

As a member of a curious sect that makes their own museums, the most fascinating thing to me was that this farm, and another one down the road on the New York side of the border, are owned and run, not by Shakers, but by Shaker ENTHUSIASTS. Are there Mormon enthusiasts? Maybe, but would they dress in period dress and discuss our religious beliefs and history so matter-of-factly and respectfully? Doubtful. Way to go, Shakers. You may not be able to inspire more than 5 people to join your religion, but you do have your fans!

Next, we hit the Norman Rockwell Museum. It was a lot like this
You get the idea. Crowded. Full of old people. Oh well. Nothing a little kite flying couldn’t cure.

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  1. Deborah Pulley permalink
    August 15, 2012 7:58 pm

    How smart were you to have a kite handy?

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