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Home at Last

April 11, 2012

This is a pretty good indication of how today went.

Bummer. We started off at the Frederick Douglas House which, I’m sure, is amazing. We just were not in the best spirits to enjoy it. We tried. Our trusty ranger did his best to give us a tour through this craziness. Frederick Douglas has long been my historical crush, but who knew he was also a very wealthy man? Not me. Once he got through that slavery, he really got down to work!

Aside: I’m really glad that the Frederick Douglas house is in the National Parks system because, not only could we add a stamp to our Passport (woot woot!), it provides money for restoration and a certain security that the site will be maintained in perpetuity. Frederick Douglas is not only my historical crush, but an important guy. But how is it that his house gets this distinction, and Harriet Tubman and Susan B. Anthony are left to their own private societies of friends to restore their homes and share their works? That’s not right!

Next, we needed to turn that frown upside down, so I went looking for that super-playground I’ve seen on TV with the crazy name. And guess where I found it? Yup, right next to the CIA. Perfect. Can’t think of a safer place to bring hundreds of children a day. My kids were duly impressed with the playground, and yet somehow focused in on exactly the features they can find…everywhere. Oh well.

Serious sound effects for serious flyers.

Last, we stopped at Ikea for some lunchtime meatballs and had a near miss with the little play center. We have never used it before and Lily is very nearly too tall for it, so I’m glad we hung around to give her a try before we tell her she is too darn big to have fun and rub her nose in it by taking the little brothers and forcing her to wander around looking at couches. Next year will be such a hoot!

Then there was that pesky 7 hour drive home. By the way, Baltimore: I hate you.

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