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April 10, 2012

We have lots of reasons to come to DC. We have family here, we have friends here, there are free museums. But the reason we came to DC THIS time, was to go to the White House. I have never been. Even though I did most of the history sites a looooong time ago, when it was easy to get in, I didn’t. And then it was closed for a long time. And then the guy who works at my congressman’s office who is in charge of constituent tickets has not realized that I am an extra special constituent he really ought to work for, because I’ve requested tickets twice in the last year, and all I’ve gotten is some back and forth with this staffer. So when my sister took up the cause, I didn’t expect much because she was working through a different congressional staffer, but she really came through and we got the call late last week that we were in! My kids did some research on The White House and the presidents and I told them that they probably would NOT be invited to play on Sasha and Malia’s playground, but they were excited to come anyway. Except Amos: he declared it a waste of time since Jesus didn’t live there. Well. Thanks to Anne, we got there on time and she held our items. We stood in approximately 72 lines, but they moved pretty quickly. We were alerted to the fact that, although we are pretty special, there are some even MORE special people who were visiting the White House, but try telling my five-year-old why they are allowed to take pictures inside and stand on the carpets! Well, I did, but I wasn’t sure what they had that we didn’t (besides cameras). Well, and they probably weren’t QUITE as fascinated with the War of 1812 and the burning of the first White House as PJ was, and probably didn’t fear ejection from the grounds for discussing how you might go about burning the place down.

If paparazzi ever photographed us, we would look like this. We were a bit too expeditious, though because we heard the helicopter come and go as soon as we left. Also, we did not see Bo. We tried not to let that rain on our parade.

Lily wanted to see the Lincoln Memorial, and I wanted to see the Martin Luther King, Jr. one, so we walked. And walked. And walked. We played a fair amount of “You can’t get me!” across the mall and had some snacks. Amos expressed his personal conflict of the day: Mama I like those birds so much, but I just need to chase them away! It’s tough to be three.

I liked the King Memorial but just had to get pictures of the typo–who knows what it will say next time?

Last, we went to the zoo which, you’ll be pleased to hear, did not smell as badly as I remembered it smelling and we actually got a good look at some animals that general hide when they see me coming. Our experience could only have been improved, really, with a few fewer fellow tourists, and not having to carry a quite large mammal on my shoulders most of the time.

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