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Beware the Ides

March 15, 2012

I am not afraid of today; I already had a totally 100% rotten day this week, so I think I am good for a little while. But, just for fun, I thought I would list 15 3 things of which I am afraid:

1. Rodents. I know it is unreasonable, but they make me scream when I see them in my domain (which hasn’t happened in a looooong time).
2. Upside down rides. I used to be the girl who took all the rides. Every one. And loved them. But when I went to the State Fair after Lily was born, I took one of those rides with my sister, and the only thought I had was, “I can’t believe I am doing this! What if I fall to the ground and die? How will Lily feel, motherless, just because her Mama wanted a few minutes of childish fun?
3. Chickens. I hate them and the idea that they might peck at my feet as they ride under the seat in front of me on the matatu.

That’s it. Sure, there are plenty of other calamitous things that could happen (death, disease, disability, never ever being able to retire, what have you), but none that warrants a worry–it will happen or it won’t, and I’ll deal with it when it does.

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