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January 26, 2012

As in, Disney On Ice. Also as in, “doi!” like “no doi!” and “you’re such an idiot!”

First, the Disney part. Disney is a bit too, well, Disney for me. A few years ago, I bought 2 tickets for D.O.I. and sent Lily and my sister. They like Disney. Well, my sister likes Disney, and Lily just liked an outing, a show, being out past bedtime, being with a stadium of excited children, and anything that is advertised on TV non-stop for the preceeding 3 months. They had a great time and, my sister noted, that that was the “perfect” age for Disney on Ice. Note taken. 3 years later, my sister no longer lives here, so now that my children’s ages average out to the “perfect” age for D.O.I., we are going once together, and that will be the end of it!

So I bought tickets way back in November. When I gave them ice skates and lessons for Christmas, I thought about including the tickets as inspiration, but decided Christmas was already exciting enough! I thought about giving them to P.J. for his birthday, but that kind of gift that you have to wait for is hard on a kid, and the Monster Trucks offered immediate gratification. So I kept those tickets tucked away, for one of my famous surprises. A few times I have been cleaning or organizing, I have found the tickets and thought “oh yeah–I don’t want to forget that.” I thought about writing it on my calendar, but now that my kids read, they ruin everything! Still, I have a good memory for dates, and January 25th was definitely in my mind–I had carefully calculated to buy tickets for the FIRST night because then my kids would go and it would be done before most of their friends went with superior parents who buy them Disney crap. I defineitely don’t buy Disney crap. They should be happy with the tickets, for crying out loud, and the reprieve from bedtime. I try to do a perfectly nice thing, for them, and all they do is whine and complain about all the stuff I don’t buy for them. Ingrates.

Back to my story: the last few weeks month years have been hectic and a bunch of other stuff started populating this week, so yesterday when I was writing and thinking of Januray 25th, I was thinking of other, non-Disney events. Since I no longer watch commercials, I had not been reminded of this event for a while. My kids know better than to ask if they can have or go to places they see on TV, so none of them even asked me.

So last night, on January 25th, after bathing, feeding, brushing, and hushing my children (there may have been ONE little yell, but don’t tell anyone), then I uncharacteristically productively cleaned 2 whole rooms, including both vacuuming AND mopping in each (unheard of), I sat down in my quiet clean house in a cushy chair and got on my lovely computer and, since I had no e-mail to read, checked FaceBook. Amoung the Gingich on the moon guffawing and the “how long does it take Mitt Romeny to make my yearly salary” threads (19 hours, folks–seriously, he could teach 10-12 kids from around the world English in less than a day, and it takes me a whole year–forget ELECTING him, we should CLONE him), I saw a LOVELY photo of a supremely happy girl from Church with big Mickey Mouse ears and a grin that could ONLY be invoked by the sight of Ariel the Mermaid Ice Skating.

Holy Schnickeys!

Was that TODAY? As in, an hour ago, as in over?!? (See how confused I was?) Should we have been there drinking the Disney Kool-Aid, and instead I was rolling my eyes and shouting at my child that OF COURSE she had to brusher her teeth TONIGHT? What kind of a mother am I?

I set down the computer as calmly as I could, and went to find those darn tickets. I wondered if I could possibly sweet talk someone at the arena into exchanging my tickets for another show. You know, like when you miss your plane! No? That lady who let me use her phone a few weeks ago works there–maybe I could find her–we have a repore. Or, at least she knows that I am MESSED UP.

I find the tickets in their easy-to-lose white envelope and pull them out with a little prayer in my heart that maybe, just maybe, I bought Thursday tickets when, in fact, I KNOW I bought Wednesday tickets. That was my PLAN. It was brilliant. And now I am out a bunch of money, because I’m sure they don’t exchange tickets for goofball parents…. It says right here… 7 pm…on Thursday January 26th. Really? Yeah! The 26th!

How did that happen? I have no idea. It may have been divine intervention, because I sincerely believe I bought tickets for the Wednesday show. But we have tickets for tonight! I hope.

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  1. Anne permalink
    February 4, 2012 6:29 pm

    So how was it?

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