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Birthday Boy

January 10, 2012

Sometimes kids change. Quick. Did you know that?

Being, you know, their mother, I tend to think of myself as an expert on my kids. More than that, really. I know them intimately. I know them better than they know themselves! When they lie, I know. Before they can spit the words out, I can predict what they are going to say they want for lunch. For heaven’s sake, I know their bowel evacuation schedule! You got me?

Yet, they have their own lives now. They go to school and daycare and friend’s houses, and I don’t really know what they do there. Sometimes they know stuff that I don’t know. It doesn’t happen often, but they love it when it does. Still, I think of myself as their creator–I know them inside and out. Sort of.

PJ has always loved music and definitely figured out his body and how to move it more quickly than my other kids. He is also easy going (like me), gregarious, and a great story-teller. This year, he has been conciously expanding his vocabulary, asking me for definitions and pointedly using his new words. Unfortunately, he is a little bit of a scaredy cat, but since these lists of adjectives from mothers should take a positive spin, we’ll call that trait “cautious.” For the last year, though, he has had a case of the dramatic: I think it’s a four-year-old thing. He just hasn’t quite been able to navigate when his expectations or desires don’t match up with reality without crying about it. That has defineitely been a factor in my child-wrangling for the last while: handle PJ.

I knew hoped expected prayed knew it was a stage, not a permanent feature of his personality, but I didn’t really notice it was leaving until, well, I think it is gone. For his birthday, PJ didn’t actually celebrate ON his birthday, we waited to do it with grandparents the next day, and that was…just fine with him. He got some long-envied Star Wars Legos that he treasures; he told me at bedtime that they were really “special” to him. I had been concerned that he has a little brother that thinks of himslef more as a twin and would have a hard time handling this, so when I started a conversation with PJ about having plenty and sharing, PJ actually told me that he had already thought about it and decided to divide his loot in two so Amos could have his own and never feel bad. What a champ! I really can’t articulate how marvelous it feels to have proginy that, even though you really think of them as big babies, are actually thoughtful and considerate! On occasion. When they feel like it. But still, I am easily satisfied.

And so glad the cry baby stuff is behind us. Well, behind PJ. It’s someone else’s turn now.

My failures in cake decorating has ranged from marginally succesful to no actual cake. This is my attempt at satisfying both the "Star Wars" and dirt cake requests. It was OK.

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  1. Hannah permalink
    January 10, 2012 2:09 pm

    “have ranged from marginally successful to no actual cake” You make me laugh!

  2. January 10, 2012 3:05 pm

    Lol, bowel evacuation schedule. Hilarious.

    I like your thoughts, I’ve noticed with Liam that most difficult phases only last a few months and then disappear as well.

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