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Lights (check) Camera (check) Action!

December 10, 2011

Warning: this post of local interest only.

I have been asked to identify the location of this house:

This is my attempt.

My GPS identified this area as Fairport, but Google Earth claims it for the nebulous so-called “Perinton.” This could easily become an argument that Perinton does not actually exist, but I’ll try to stick with my mission. This neighborhood is off Turk Hill and Mosely, behind the winery and all the streets have winey names. Google Earth says that it is 16 Beauclaire Lane. Once you get to that street, you’ll find it. This house is near the cul-de-sac. The rest of the neighborhood is well-lit, too.

Next time you are over at Eastview, take a detour to see the house. You won’t believe me, but I suspect that the residents of this house are MUCH MORE STRANGE than this exhibit would communicate. It is my children’s life ambition to trick-or-treat here.



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