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PJ Day

November 21, 2011

If you didn’t already know it, elementary school has changed since you were a student. For one thing, the holidays that are most celbrated are Halloween and Valentines; we make no mention of the big C or E, even though we generally have a week off in celebration of the unnamed days. Everyone knows their current reading level–it is not a secret. Also, little kids don’t walk to school. Even the first-grader who lives directly beside the school is bused; at some magical age it becomes safe for them to walk, but definitely not until they have a healthy number of adult-sized teeth–probably because those teeth make them uncute enough to not be a kidnapping threat. Plus, there is this big event in about February called 100 Day. Seriously. We make a BIG deal out of the hundreth day of school. So big, some kindergartners believe it to be the LAST day of school. Day 101 is rough.

Another thing we have going on in Elementary School is “spirit days” and “reward days.” I do not know what elementary schools need “spirit” for–they do not actually compete. And “reward days,” well, I have no explanation for those, either; perhaps they came about because we no longer offer any food prizes, so those pizza parties of yore are out. Instead, classes choose to have a read-around-the-clock day (all reading all day), or a backwards day, or a teacher-student swap day, or a camp day, or the ever-popular PJ Day. That was today.

I did not participate, in case you were wondering. My official excuse was that I work in three buildings, and they do not do PJ Day on the SAME day, so that would be weird to go to school undressed. The real reason, though, is that it is just wierd to go to school in your pajamas. Seriously, I don’t want to know what any of my co-workers sleep in. Even though it is clear that some of these co-workers have special pajamas they wear just for this kind of day (come on, these are elementary teachers, you KNOW we had some onsies and footie jams on the adults today!), I don’t care to picture them at home chillaxing. But really, this is about the kids, and let me confess this to you, not as a teacher, but as a parent: if my kids had a PJ Day, I might actually buy them new sleepwear for the occassion. I would defineitely have them wear different pajamas than they had just slept in (which probably ruins the whole reward). If all else failed, I would at least not allow them to wear pilled and too-small pajamas to school! I am THAT much of a snob!

Now that I have ended two consecutive sentences with exclamation points, I must end, but I do need to share with you my current dream pajamas. Like some of you, I am sure, there is nothing on earth I need LESS than a new pair of pajamas, but how can I reists these?

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  1. Meredith permalink
    November 21, 2011 1:45 pm

    Wow — I just spent seven minutes checking out all of those PJs and seeing which ones will be on my Christmas list. They are amazing! I wish I needed new pajamas!

  2. Amy Thomason permalink
    November 22, 2011 6:56 pm

    Emily- I was laughing through this post. One reason being that we just finished Spirit week here, which was sponsored by D.A.R.E., and some of the days were just too silly/pointless that we didn’t do them (wearing your clothes backwards day?). They did not have a Pajama day, but I seriously suspect that there would be lots of girls going to school that day with curlers in their hair.

    I was also laughing at the differences between your schools and our UT school. The kids walk to school in droves, and while they do “Spring” parties instead of Easter ones, they go all out at Christmas, and pizza parties are still in full force.

    Utah is so behind the times.

  3. Amy Thomason permalink
    November 22, 2011 6:57 pm

    Oh, and those pajamas are stunning.

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