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11/14: That Grandest of Canyons

August 3, 2011

Yes, I dragged my kids down to the Grand Canyon. No, I had no other reason to go to Arizona. Even though I told my kids that we were “on the way home,” I drove south, rather than east, but they needed to see the Grand Canyon, didn’t they? Lest they believe that Letchworth is grand. [It is pretty, yes, but grand, NO.]

I was a little bit afraid because I am a terrible snob about tourists and it WAS, after all, summer and the only other time I had been was in August and the primary language spoken on the rim was German, but this visit was notably uncrowded. Had we been the communing type, we could have communed in peace, but we are not communers. Alas. Instead, we are runners and jumpers and wigglers and please-don’t-get-Amos-started-throwing-rocks-over-the-edgers. Yeah, we made plenty of people nervous, but we may have also entertained them, and we certainly disturbed them! Shattering peace right and left!

Oh well. My consolation is that we visited and no one fell (or was pushed) in.

Then I drove through the entire Navajo Nation in the dark, which was a shame because a) I would have liked to see it, b) I have become VERY grandmaish about driving in the dark–I don’t like it, and c) I was, of course, tired and tired of driving. But at least I was finally headed east!

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  1. Deborah permalink
    August 8, 2011 7:24 am

    I’ve always wanted to see the Grand Canyon. I can’t believe Lily was so close to the edge. I would have been a nervous wreck!

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