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6/14: Sphinxtastic

July 29, 2011

Since we had some time to kill before reporting to the family reunion, I decided to share the Joseph Smith sphinx with my kids–I hope it does not do irreparable harm to their testimonies.

Peter already displayed significant confusion between U.S. Presidents and prophets of the Church (he thought Joseph Smith was on Mt. Rushmore, for example), so now maybe I can make him think that Joseph ruled in ancient Egypt too!

Then we hit a local park (of which Utah seems to have almost as many as they do construction projects) and Crown Burger.

For what it is worth, Fry Sauce did not live up to my memory, so now I need not lament that one thing Utah had over New York. Hurray.

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  1. joanna permalink
    August 2, 2011 6:06 pm

    you ate at Crown Burger? I am SO JEALOUS!! I can’t believe fry sauce didn’t live up to your memory…I love that stuff. My sister brought 4 bottles with her as a thank you gift. The kids were thrilled. yum!

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