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We’re Melting

July 19, 2011

You have probably heard that we are hot. I know, first we were too cold. Then too wet. Now too hot. We are a tough bunch to please. What next? Are we going to complain that fall is too leafy? Yes, yes, we probably will.

Anyhoo…I have nothing to complain about weather wise. I have air-conditioning this year, which has made living through June and July much more bearable than ever before. Plus, we have access to a pool. However, I don’t feel like I can spend all our daylight hours, there, so we try to stay home sometimes. While home has no pool, we do have a big bucket and a hose.

Apparently, that is good enough, at least for one day.

Friends help, too.

But not everyone needed water to be happy. All these guys needed was x-wings and a swing.

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