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Picture a Parade

March 17, 2011

Since we were already out of the house, I figured we would stop by the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. We were under-prepared: I didn’t really know what time it started, so we waited on the street longer than necessary, some of us didn’t have winter coats, most of us were not wearing green, and none of us were drunk yet.

Good thing we are so entertaining.

From the very short

to the other extreme.

Of course there were plenty of kilts on display; I don’t recall having seen any like these before

The best new additions to the parade were, of course, the derby girls

They skated circles down the parade route.

Say what you want about Chuck Schumer, he makes the Rochester parade every year.

Incidentally, every St. Patrick’s Day I wonder what Irish nationals make of our celebration–the green, the beer, the general rowdiness, the leprechauns. Imagine if they had a Yankee Day–how would they demonstrate their affection for us? Eat very large hamburgers? Shoot some guns off? Avoid public transportation? Watch TV all day? What do you think?

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