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Oh Star

November 30, 2010

Not sure how I feel about these, but my kids are ecstatic.

Just in case you were unaware: I like traditional Christmas. Even Santa is too modern for me. Perhaps a more appropriate description would be: I like religious Christmas. So, some modern but religious carols pass my muster, but anything, new or old, that does not include the nativity, or some member thereof, is anethma to my Christmas spirit (almost dead, regardless).

So, although much of my Christmas is music, my kids think decorating the house is what it’s all about. Last year, we did the single candles in each window thing. I love that. They went on automatically, and the kids LOVED racing the candles to get to bed before they were all on. They started going on at 4:40 (bwa-ha-ha). Just kidding–more like 6:45-7; the first ones to turn on were in the living room, and that was happy happenstance, but worked perfectly, because we always saw it. As soon as it lit up, the kids would tear upstairs to get their jammies on and hop in bed before the candles in their rooms turned on. Seriously–it was the best month of bedtimes ever. You should try it.

Those fancy icicle lights are actually quite attractive, I think. I just can’t seem to tie them into the New Testament in any way. What am I missing here? Help me think outside the box…. But anyway, the star plays a central role in the holy family’s journey, so that is totally kosher. And relatively easy to put up, thanks to some former resident who was a better homemaker than I. OK, that probably covers ALL former residents, but I do the best I can! OK?

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