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Very First Grade

September 16, 2010

I happened to be in a first grade classroom during morning announcements, which includes the Pledge of Allegiance. This can be very confusing for some kids who did afternoon kindergarten, and others for whom kindergarten was just a blur. Anyway, The Pledge has a lot going on: knowing the words, standing, hand over heart, etc. It takes some getting used to.

So here we are, a week into school, and the kids are still figuring things out. The Pledge is announced and the kiddies scuttle about, trying to get right. One little boy experiments with his hands, not quite able to decide which hand goes to his chest. He nudges the boy next to him and gives him a questioning look.

“I don’t know,” the friend replies, “I do this!” as he crosses hurriedly both arms over his chest, like a corpse. Now two of them are doing it. I hope it catches on.

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