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Pack a Punch

August 3, 2010

Do you dread packing? I mean, sure, it’s waaaaay better than UNpacking, but still, it’s no picnic. Especially when you’re the mom: it’s enough of a drag to have to remember your own list, but then to also ensure you have the appropriate numbers and kinds of diapers, medication, entertainment, and, oh yeah, toothbrushes for people who have no actual concept of “planning” or “next week” or “please find,” well, it’s asking a bit much of a mere mortal, don’t you think. THIS is what they should talk about to scare teens out of getting pregnant: not the pregnancy or birth or sleepless nights–those pass–but the lifetime of being the one whose fault it is if anything, big or small, is lost, left behind, or destroyed. Too much pressure.

Anyway, I hate packing, so when I should have been doing that, I decided instead to do a massive, 3 kids over-due, sort and wash and purge of all the clothing in the house. That couldn’t last forever, though, so I finally had to pack us up for summer vacation. We are only 8 hours in and only missing one thing so far: (ahem) pajamas. Who needs ’em? Ugh.

On my last trip, I resolved that NEXT time I didn’t need to buy anything new to put in the back with my entourage. More stops, less stuff. That was my motto. But a while ago I bumped into these critters

and since my kids are robot fans (or “bobats” for Amos), I couldn’t resist and the shopping was done and phew!

But then I went to Target. What was I thinking? And little things just called out to me from the aisles with little price tags and little voices saying “wouldn’t this make Peter happy?” and “I know I could make Amos stop screaming for a whole 10 minutes right when you need it most” and whatnot. Before I knew it, I accidentally walked down the party aisle–I don’t need to be there, ever–and saw some little novelty items my kids have never seen before and they too talked, saying something about Lily loving me forever if she had a little connect four game you play with Smarties. Well yeah. That would make ANYONE love me forever. I need to start carrying those around.

In two winks of an eye, I was all kitted out for the best road trip ever.

This little basket has the coloring books and the cars and the window crayons and what have you.

This one has those little party prize doo-hickeys in paper sacks to be selected and unwrapped at strategic moments. Also, the library bag full of audio books and the other bag of stuff to do indoors in the evening.

So really, there should be no complaints about minor details like pajamas. Come to think of it: where’s MY toothbrush?

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  1. August 4, 2010 11:38 am

    good luck. I hope it’s your best vacation ever. I’m all for bribery. What ever it takes to get there in peace.

    Let’s see a movie on the 16th.

  2. Kate permalink
    August 4, 2010 4:33 pm

    LOVE your post. I haven’t tuned into your blog in awhile, but this totally caught my eye on Facebook since I just completed the packing thing myself (still un-packing 5 days after our return, of course). I’m looking forward to the kids being old enough for more car trip options. And let me add, that I’ve got a love/hate relationship with Target…love shopping there, hate giving them about $50 in unplanned purchases each time I walk in the door. Where’d you get the robots? And let me tag along on your next trip…I think I would have a fantastic time…what a good mom you are!

  3. esodhiambo permalink*
    August 4, 2010 10:11 pm

    Kate–they are Manhattan Toy Company and I found them on Amazon. so far, so good.

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