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Thoughts on having 5 more days of work

June 21, 2010

o Two more days for students
o Three days of meetings and cleaning and more meetings
o One more paycheck before mid September
o Garbage!
o Why oh why are schools not air-conditioned? We are one week from JULY, for goodness’ sake. Is this not summer?
o What can I throw away?
o The kids checked out the day before Field Day
o Swarming parents=no parking spaces; I wish I could call the principal and tell him I can’t come to work because there is no place to park
o Will I EVER use this again?
o How bad is it to thank my student for the gift card and turn around and re-gift it to MY daughter’s teacher? I was planning to buy the EXACT same gift card—this is just saving me a trip into the store, right?
o I’m going to be back here every week this summer for darned Professional Development. I’m developed! I promise!
o Do I really need to keep this?
o No! I am NOT teaching during the summer! Why would I do that?
o Poor, pitiable 12-month employees: suckas!
o One more paycheck before mid-September…gulp.
o I need a new swimsuit.
o Delete. Delete. Delete. Oh snap—I need that one.
o I need to add some new summer salads to my repertoire.
o Copies for the first week of school: done
o I am SO ready to shake the dust of this place off my hands (not feet, don’t worry)
o Mental note: jeans for the rest of the week. Or Dickies. This place is filthy.
o Happy summer kids! Now scram!
o September will come too soon

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