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REWIND: New York Edition

May 15, 2010

Two other sisters were kind enough to establish residences in New York City, so when we visit them, we have plenty to do. Erin steered us toward a fun playground in her neighborhood. They had a mini George Washington Bridge and dinosaurs to climb!

They also had a toddler garden and sandbox. My kids could have stayed all day. I suspect some do–I saw some pretty established adults camped out on the surrounding benches.

Since I own an automobile, my kids don’t think riding in a car is so cool. Public transportation, however, is a special thrill. So even though I was calling for an end of playground time, Lily and Peter didn’t seem to mind–they kept bragging to new insta-friends they had been playing with that they were going to ride THE Subway, not realizing how unspecial that probably was to the kids frequenting this park. I am a little embarrassed that my kid’s primary association with the word “subway” is the fast food chain, but that is just they way it is.

As always, kind strangers offered to help me push and pull the stroller up and down the stairs into the stations through the whole trip. As always, I waved them off. I am SO BAD at accepting help. My arms just stopped aching yesterday. Maybe our next trip will be post stroller. Or sans kids! What a concept.

The Manhattan Children’s Museum was cool, too, although filled to the brim with hired child carers who don’t seem to care much if the kids they are in charge of are on their very best behavior. We stayed into lunch time, though, and the museum cleared out significantly–I suggest you visit mid-day–a nice time to take advantage of the air conditioning, too. Oh, and you have to check your stroller and cannot bring food or drink in, so don’t plan on placating your young ones until a late lunch with some bribey snacks while you wait for your sister to meet you after her therapy. Just don’t.

But really, it was a very nice museum. We especially enjoyed the third floor–they had lots of stuff to do for every age level down to babies in a relatively open area, so you can keep an eye on everyone. Amos liked it.

So did Lily and Peter (that is supposed to be video, but I am not sure if it will work–I can only hear the audio).

Laura took us to the Natural History Museum. I’d like to go back when it is empty. Anyone who believes that science is absolutely right all the time should go there and pay close attention. What a bunch of cultural relics. Then we headed over to the Diana Ross Playground in Central Park. It’s like our home away from home. Thanks, Diana.

The next day, Erin took us to the Little Red Lighthouse under the George Washington Bridge. It was a lot cooler than pushing the stroller back up the hill was.

We also hit the financial district (incidentally, not on purpose), and the Staten Island Ferry before lunch. I cannot tell you what happened at lunch. Then it was back to Central Park. I feel like I have been there plenty, but I hadn’t been to the castle or the turtle pond.

Then we returned to the the Diana Ross Playground. It was supreme. Again.

I don’t recall having seen these signs in New York before, but they were everywhere this time.

Good luck with that.

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