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Hairdresser on Fire

May 6, 2010

When I was young and cheeky my youth leaders at Church asked us, the Young Women under their tutelage, to make a list of qualities we desired in a future, hypothetical, and entirely imagined spouse. I am not a big fan of that kind of exercise for a variety of reasons, but, ever the cooperative student, I did it anyway. Because I was young and cheeky, I included plenty of qualities on my list that were somewhat unconventional. One such quality is one I have thus far failed to find in a spouse, but I still hope for:

The ability and desire to do my hair.

When it comes down to it, I am pretty lazy and I have a lot of hair, so if someone else were around to do it for me, it would make me happy every single day. Alas–no such person in my life.

But there may be hope: Peter. He has taken to evaluating hair. It is something of an obsession with him. While he has told me that he didn’t like my hair (especially the day I cut it short in December), most days I get an “I like your hair, Mom.” Peter shares the love, though; apparently he also likes Lily’s hair and Amos’ hair, and Baba’s hair, and the little girl from Lily’s class we saw at Abbotts hair–you get the picture. In fact, yesterday he spent a good three minutes explaining why he liked Grandpa’s hair: he doesn’t have any on top and that is so awesome.

So, I hope to cultivate this love, and, more importantly, keep Peter living in my general area even as an adult, so he can do my hair, in the least Norman Bates-like-fashion possible. Wish me luck.

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  1. Brooks permalink
    May 6, 2010 1:46 pm

    Love your hair, btw. We recently went through the opposite problem with my boys, who initially disliked my wife’s new hairstyle (dreadlocks). They soon tagged her as “TarantuMom.” Naturally, I became “Daddy Long Legs.”

    Once Jenny got dreads, I was forced to fulfill your spousal requirement. She couldn’t quite reach the ones in the back. And it’s sort of a conscription army in our household.

  2. May 6, 2010 3:35 pm

    I was good with it all, until you went Pscho on me!

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