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Dear Governor

April 8, 2010

Other significant events in American history we WILL NOT celebrate, even though they really happened:

o European genocide of Native Americans
o Swindling vast tracts of land from people who previously possessed it
o The internment of Japanese Americans
o Dropping atomic bombs
o Relegating people to reservations
o My Lai massacre

I am sure there were fine, upstanding people involved in the perpetrating of each of these atrocities. Some may have been following orders, and others misguided, and some were just straight up wrong. Just because it happened and we need to remember it does not mean we need to celebrate it by ascribing a special month for it.

From a former Fairfax Rebel and armchair historian,

p.s.–you are a doofus.

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  1. April 9, 2010 10:52 am

    April Fool’s Joke–don’t you think? Surely? Hope so.

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