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Domo Arigato!

March 26, 2010

Should you be in need of a gift for an Odhiambo, I suggest you put your money away. We really only like free stuff. Our library, parks, and neighbor friends are our very best entertainment. Even the pinnacle of consumerism known as Christmas produced a favored free thing: Robot Boogie.

It all started with this innocent little comment on my brothers’ blog. Christopher‘s contribution to the family (besides prescriptions) (wink wink) is his annual music mix and this last year he made two–one of these included a robot song and I dropped a hint that Peter was on a bit of a robot kick. Wouldn’t you know it but Christopher produced a full album of robot songs for Christmas. If I had a song list, I’d give it to you: the songs are about robots or feature robots. None are written by robots, unless you count Daft Punk (they might be). I just assume it was free for him since I have never known the boy to pay for music. But it has been a major hit. The CD has even surpassed the Zhu Zhu pet he gave the kiddies in their hearts. Well done, Christopher.

Do you think I should be worried that my kids listen to this song every night as the drift to sleep?

Please disregard the picture….


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  1. Meg permalink
    March 26, 2010 10:46 am

    They will be perfectly suited to become the first human-robot ambassadors, either when robot aliens come, or our own robots eventually achieve sentience.

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