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Dear Mideasterners

February 10, 2010

Is it rude of me to say: “I don’t care”? I don’t. I don’t need to know how many inches have piled up in your yard. The work and school closings do not concern me. Your canceled flight doesn’t have anything to do with the rest of us.

It is February in the Northern Hemisphere which, in my book, always has been and always will be winter. Snow and ice at this time are not news. A storm may be, but the aftermath really is not. I know what happens when it snows. I am very familiar with snow plows and road salt shortages. If your power is out, I will agree with you that it sucks for you. The thing is, I just don’t need 5 status updates a day about…snow.

Now, if you are doing something fun or interesting with your time off, that’s cool, I’m interested in that. If you have video footage of some skiing down the Rocky steps, by all means, share. But if all you have to report is that you are cold, no thanks.

I will, however, be happy to view your snowman.

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