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February 8, 2010

If asked, I will tell you I am a cold person. I would rather be cold than hot. Have you ever tried to fall asleep when it was really really hot? Impossible for me. For me, heat is fatiguing and grumpifying–you decide which one is more problematic for the people around me.

But I have come to a realization: while heat can be extremely uncomfortable, cold can be painful.

Maybe I need to rethink.

On Saturday, we attempted the Winter Festival at Ganondagan. By the way, have been to Ganondagan? You should. The festivals are good, but you can go anytime and you will enjoy it. Anyway, 16 degrees didn’t seem that cold–it’s not negative or anything–so we headed over. There was snowshoeing, but we can’t handle that yet. There were other demos about winter living, and of course, the long house. We were most fascinated, though, with snow snake. Who wouldn’t be? Another great sliding winter sport.

We didn’t last long, though; Amos was the only one appropriately dressed.

I’m planning on next year’s Ganondagan Winter Festival being on a sunny snowy 30 degree day.

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  1. Gillian permalink
    February 10, 2010 12:03 am

    1) 16 degrees is only “not negative” in Fahrenheit. People who live in more civilized countries than ours know that it IS negative! But I agree with you about the impossibility of sleeping when it’s too hot.

    2) Would you post on “Around Rochester” about Ganondagan? I’ve never heard of it and I’d like to. Not that anyone but me (and you?!) reads Around Rochester, but I persist in thinking that it could be really useful once it gets a critical mass of posts.

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