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If I die tonight

February 6, 2010

Remember that Seinfeld character who died after licking cheap envelopes? That may be me. Not wedding invitations, of course. Valentines.

Lily and I spent, ahem, several hours making valentines for her classmates tonight. As my mother’s daughter, I am not allowed to use store-bought valentines. Can’t do it. Impossible. So we put the boys to bed, cleared a workspace, found a dumb movie on ABC Family which, unfortunately, included a wee bit of kissing, and hauled out the various components needed: stickers from BJs (official best source for cheap stickers), cut-out wrapping-paper hearts, card-stock and envelopes from craft store, and markers and glue. The markers and glue were the hardest–I hide them from the kids so they don’t decoupage and graffiti my walls (too often), but unfortunately, I seem to have hidden them from myself, too.

They turned out great, and each and every one was totally uniquely designed for the recipient. But as the movie was winding down, Lily’s eyes were closing quicker than the envelopes. Lily’s last step was signing her name, and then I took over the stuffing and licking. Licking. Licking. The glue was grotesque and I really just should have gone and gotten a sponge, but I just wanted to get it done!

So if I don’t wake up tomorrow, blame it on the envelopes. And please, make up a cool moniker to reference my untimely death, will ya?

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  1. Amanda permalink
    February 6, 2010 9:47 pm

    I refuse to lick them anymore. I grab a paper towel and some water or better yet, the kind with adhesive sticker backs. yuck.

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