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The Oughts

January 1, 2010

I am a proponent of the Oughts. I think it is the best term for the first ten years of any century, and I will probably always refer to 2000-2009 as such, should I need to talk about that group of years. Just so you know. These particular Oughts were a pretty big decade for me:

• I moved five times: once inter-continental, twice inter-state, and once less than a mile
• I married
• I navigated the US immigration system
• I bought a car
• I gestated
• I birthed
• I got a graduate degree
• I became a working mom
• I was called to work with the youth (at Church)
• I separated
• I started blogging (I blame my cousin, Rosalynde for sending me a link to her first post)
• I involved myself (and family) in a (successful!) political campaign
• I became a homeowner
• I joined the PTSA, as a P

The list goes on, but it is not all so exciting. I am quite sure the next decade will bring at least as many firsts, but I am guessing they will mostly center around the kids.

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