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Go Big or Go Home

November 13, 2009

What’s this?

Photo 1

Art, of course. Quite right. Kindergarten is really ramping up Lily’s skillz.

Hang on, what, exactly, is the medium of choice?

Photo 2

Oh, a book. Unfortunate. And not just a pencil or ballpoint, but a PERMANENT MARKER. Not just a little picture on the corner, but a GIANT SCRIBBLE that takes up the whole page. Not an anonymous note, but SHE SIGNED HER AUTOGRAPH. Proudly.

Oh, one more thing.

Photo 3

Yup. It’s a library book.

[And although the book is several years old, cost $16.00 to purchase, and has been checked out 40 times previously, I paid the library $21.00 to own this one; now that I see what it’s going for on Amazon, I see I made a $20.33 mistake in not procuring my own replacement, but I really just wanted to put the whole episode behind us].

She didn’t get this from me. I am not a book annotator. Sure, I experimented in college, we all did, but it just didn’t do anything for me. Even highlighting is half-hearted. If I MUST make my mark, I do so with post-it notes. If only Lily emulated this!

Oh well. I learned my lesson (buy your own replacement). I hope Lily learned hers (for once and for all, DON’T WRITE IN BOOKS!). Maybe it’ll sell for millions someday.

Photo 8

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