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Beat of his Own Drum

October 15, 2009

[Have you missed my pictures? Or, er, I mean, pictures of my kids? Between a crumby camera, a lost camera, an old camera, a lost cord, and a new camera with surprising memory capacity, I have not uploaded any images in a while. Get ready for a bumpy ride as I rewind and fast forward all through the summer and fall, folks!]

Sometime in September, a Taiko (Japanese Drumming) group passed through town. I actually would have loved to have seen them perform, but their flier said that kids were welcome to a Saturday demonstration, which I interpreted (with my super duper reading between the lines powers) as “kids most expressly NOT welcome to the real concert.”

Anyway, the demonstration was alright since it was free. Peter was the only one brave enough to go bang on the drum (Amos is such a slacker). Of course, you couldn’t just go bang on the drum, these are Taiko after all. You had to follow directions, so my mom went up to help.


Peter looks more worried than anything else, but it looks like my mom is enjoying herself!

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