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Outsourcing Motherhood

September 15, 2009

Peter has taken “I can do it mySELF!” to a new level.

It started out like anyone else: swatting my hand away from the tricycle, refusing my offer to carry his drink across the kitchen, needing me to re-buckle the car-seat just so HE can unbuckle himself. You know this story.

Then he started praising himself.

“Mama–I did a good job sleeping.”

“I did a nice job eating.”

“I sat on the toilet. I’m awesome.”

Truly. I may be wrong, but I believe this kind of self-esteem is totally appropriate until he starts school, at which point he can be beaten down. (Just joking). I love hearing him point out his positive behavior, and always enthusiastically agree.

When he got out of bed after bedtime last week and came down to demonstrate the lack of hold I had on him, I told him to go to bed. He one-upped me with

“I’m going to spank myself.”

Proving once more that they are always harder on themselves than their parents.

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