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Dear Random Stranger

June 23, 2009

Dear Man in the parking lot at Pittsford Plaza,

Raising kids is hard. Sometimes they are difficult to understand, reason with, or communicate to. I respect anyone who tries to do right by their kids, and I think that includes you.

One of the darndest things about kids is they always seem to need to pee at the most inconvenient times. Almost no matter what you do, your kids are sometimes going to want to go when you want to be doing something else. We have all been there.

So when I saw you in the parking lot at Pittsford Plaza a mere ten feet from a row of about 8 stores, helping your son pee into a narrow strip of greenery, I knew it was probably your son’s fault. Sure, you had told him to go to the bathroom before you left–I know you did–and yet he insisted he needed to pee as soon as you got to a very large parking lot.

May I suggest that public urination is generally frowned upon? When it happens in a large parking lot/busy shopping center, many members of the frowning public will witness it. And not like it. Not only did I not like it, but I really cannot understand why you didn’t run into one of those nearby stores or restaurants to use their special little rooms specially designed for peeing. Please. Teach your child about those little rooms. For us. The people who use Pittsford Plaza.

Carry on,
Mother of diapered boys and trained girl.

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