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Blogging Bliss

May 20, 2009

Now for the stuff I DO like. And I like blogs a lot.

1. The mundane. I have a voyeur streak a mile wide. I REALLY like to know what you are doing. I’ll read anything: grocery lists, 3-year-old’s jokes, your cleaning schedule, rants about incompetent bank-tellers, what you did on this day in 1979, and the layout of your playground. Even if you don’t think it is blogworthy, post it. I’ll love it.

2. Pictures. I know I am not alone here; I love a good picture. I’ll take a few big ones over a bunch of small ones. Come on, digital photography has made sharing pictures SO easy, we have to enjoy it.

3. Series. I love a good series. Whether it’s a recipe series or book reviews or a photo of the day, I love a recurring feature.

4. Frequency. True, more content is not necessarily better, but it is such a downer to check a blog and see that there is nothing new there, I hate to do that to my readers.

5. Links. I will mine your sidebar for interesting contacts, and I love a pointer to the latest internet phenomenon. Seriously, what did we do with all this time before the days of the interweb? Thank you, Al Gore.

6. Polls. I just love them. I think because polls combine my love of sharing my opinion (by voting) and the voyeurism of seeing what other people think. I have a poll on my blog in the upper right-hand corner, and I change the question about once a week. Although my regular readers number in the dozens, I generally only get 3-5 votes on my poll. I am almost ready to cry about that.

7. Opinions. Some people stay far away from stating opinions and discussing politics on their blogs, but I don’t see why. Unless they are truely sub-human sentiments (like racism), why would your ideas bother me? I want to know about you and how you think–that is why I read your blog. Even if you have some disturbing opinions, I want to know about them, if only so I know to stay away.

What do you like?

Blog on.

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