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Adventures in Moving: Part 1

May 18, 2009

Disconnecting Cable

You wouldn’t think it that hard.

You call, you ask to be disconnected, it’s over.


7:15 Examine bill for phone number of customer service. The ONLY phone number on the bill is for over-the-phone bill payments.

7:19 Find Customer Service number buried in small font on the website.

7:23 Finally having woven my way through all the auto-phone options, I am now on hold.

7:30 Still holding, but I am assured that my business is important.

7: 34 Since I did choose the option for disconnecting service, I am not THAT surprised they would answer other calls first, but….

7:37 Seriously?! Are they trying to prevent me from disconnecting by not answering the phone? I am even more set on disconnecting!

7:38 My call is answered and even though I am on the line that is for disconnections, I am asked how I may be helped. When I persist in wanting to disconnect, I am told the easiest way to disconnect is to go to one of their “locations.”

7:39 I insist on the person I am talking to ACTUALLY doing some work after I was on hold for 15 minutes. I am put on hold.

7:43 I am told that, since I have been a customer for “a long time” they can reduce my service charge. I insist that I actually DO want to disconnect. I am put on hold.

7:47 I am told I can be disconnected, but it can’t be when I want to be disconnected. I tell them I will disconnect myself on Saturday by removing my TV. The person tells me she can stop billing me on that day and have the person actually disconnect my service next week.

7:48 I refrain from asking why that was so hard and instead thank her for her help.


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