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Over the Rainbow

May 1, 2009

We had one last unit conference to attend way out in Warsaw. Since we were in the neighborhood, I decided to hit Letchworth. We had a picnic lunch and then walked around, looking for doggies, scaring passers-by with our daring, the usual.
Peter was most impressed with the waterfalls; Lily has seen bigger and Amos couldn’t eat it, so he doesn’t care about it. When we first got there, we could see a rainbow below us (much less distinct in the photo below), too, which was also very exciting to Peter (although, maybe it just seems that way because 2-year-olds are such expressive speakers). Then the sun went behind a cloud, and the rainbow disappeared, blowing Peter’s mind.

“Mama! Rainbow where it go?!?”
“Mama! Rainbow all gone! Where?!”
“Rainbow! Mama! Look! Gone!”

How do you explain the necessary ingredients to make a rainbow to a 2 year old? I couldn’t.


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