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Camera Shy

April 19, 2009

You may have noticed from my blog that I am a little camera shy. True, the majority of the time, I am the only one with a camera and therefore it makes sense that I would be working it and using others as my subjects, but I would also rather take the pictures than be in them.

This week was the end of the session for Peter’s swim class; the students were between the ages of 1 and 4, and you may remember that parents were required, too. I would guess for most of them, this was their first formal swim class, so I guess it is noteworthy. The first week, I totally understood the parents standing around the edge of the pool taking pictures. There were A LOT of flashes. And poses. And “Smile!”s. And “Over here!” You get the picture.

But it didn’t stop there. There were at least 5 photographers at EVERY lesson. And videographers. And grandparents brought to watch lessons and take their own pictures. I can really think of no situation in which I would like to be photographed less than when I am in my bathing suit.

Oh well. Nothing can stop the parents of Brighton from documenting their childrens’, um, accomplishments milestones activities.

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