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Library Tour Moves On: Monroe Branch

April 16, 2009

Even though this branch is a mile from our house and right beside our YMCA, we had never been there before. Our mistake, it was quite charming.

The children’s section covered the entire bottom floor of the building. They have a nice-sized collection, and apparently house the local braille children’s and YA books. There was a nice puppet theatre (notice a motif?) and puzzles. I approve–puzzles are perfect toys for a library. The branch also had a nice round carosel bookshelf of board books and others for parusing.

I LOVED the furniture here. All the bookshelves are real wooden shelves, which really makes it feel like a special place. They also had excellent seating–lots of pew-like benches and these other beautiful seats around the puppet show area. Also, this was far and away the neatest library children’s section we have seen. It was very neat, and it is clear the re-shelving is done regularly and competantly. Their displays were also season-appropriate. I just got the feeling that someone was really paying attention to the details.

I only have two criticisms. The bathroom was locked and you have to get a worker to let you in. When your clientelle is children, it seems a foolish policy. Also, again, the computers. I have a master’s degree, a fair amount of common sense, and excellent reading skills, but I still couldn’t navigate their system to the games my kids thought they needed.

We had a lovely visit, and I am sure we’ll be back.

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