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On this day in 1982

March 22, 2009

Think about first grade.  Like me, you probably remember classmates, handwriting, recess, right?  Unlike me, you probably didn’t get any phone calls while you were at school.

It was a normal day.  I was hanging from the monkey bars at recess, when someone tells me  I am wanted.  Now, let’s be clear, I was one of 80 first-graders and I was nothing special. I could see the office lady standing by the door, calling my name, and waving me in.  I was sure I was in trouble.  Imagine my surprise when she told me I had a call and motioned me to follow her  behind the big desk in the office.

I picked up the phone


“Emily, it is Mom.”

“Why are you calling me?”

“I had the baby.  It’s a boy.”

“Oh.  But why are you calling me?”

“I thought you would want to know.”

“Oh OK.  Can I go back to recess now?”

See–getting a phone call at school when you are in first grade is a big, and unusual thing.  And finally having a brother after 4 sisters was desireable.  But recess was a wasting away.

Happy Birthday, Christopher!

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